Are you pregnant for the first time and wanting to take some control back at a time when everyone has an opinion on everything?

Or are you a second or third time mum wanting to have a better birth experience than you’ve had before?

Or perhaps you’ve had emotional journey to being pregnant and want to work through some fear releases to allow you to enjoy your pregnancy?

Or are you just bored of all those negative birth stories that everyone just ‘has’ to tell and you want to work towards a positive birth experience?

Most importantly… do you want unwavering support helping you to educate yourself & prepare your mind and body in the lead up to your birth?

With all the negative portrayals of birth out there, from family members, to films, from books to magazine articles, for me it’s simple. You need to strip it all back. Strip away all the layers of negative conditioning about birth and focus on you; your body, your mind, your desires & your options.

Whether you’re hoping for a water birth or have a planned caesarean, will be reaching for the pain relief or want to crack on without any, I want to help you feel excited about your birth. Ignore all the negative media frenzy around birth – this is what you were made to do. Fact. So lets put the time in together and work towards that magical moment when you meet your baby for the first time.