I consider it an absolute privilege to be part of your journey bringing your baby earthside. I am with you. I will nurture you. You get to run your show! This is what you were made to do & I’ll be with you every step of the way…

“After 2 previous csections I was going for a natural birth and needed the support. We practiced amazing spinning babies techniques and a wonderful relaxation session all in prep for labour and boy were we ready. When it all started Laura came and I was in full blown labour she knew – I didnt – I just did want nature urged me to do and she rubbed me and rubbed me… At 8cm I was transferred to the hospital to give birth. Laura was with me every step of the way. Laura has an amazing spirit, she is loving kind and patient. If you need someone to have your back she will have it”, July 2017

“After a first birth experience that was making me feel anxious during my second pregnancy I knew I wanted to try hypnobirthing and contacted Laura. She was amazing. She reassured me, made me believe I could do it (both the birth and the hypno) and made me feel excited and positive about the labour. And the result… a birth where I felt in control and calm. I was so proud of myself for it and so pleased I’d managed everything I wanted. My midwife kept commenting on how calm and in control I was (she said I was an advert for hypno birthing) and how good my husband was and this is down to Laura and the wise hippo prep”, July 2017

“Hypnobirthing was a new concept to us with baby no.3 but from the 1st session Laura made us feel completely relaxed. Her patience and knowledge helped make our sessions easy to understand/relate to and her excitement and support has just made me so excited for the big day, I know how ever our birth turns out my husband and I have learnt the skills to stay in control and work as a team”, January 2017

“After a premature birth with our 1st baby, Laura helped us revisit and reflect on our complete experience in a positive way helping to prepare for the arrival of our second child. Emotionally this was a great help along with the relaxation techniques that certainly made the final pregnancy weeks, labour and birth completely different this time around. She is such a strong positive person who’s encouragement and influence is unforgettable.  Thank you so much for all your support resulting in our gorgeous baby girl’s fabulous arrival into our lives. A beautiful birth”, December 2016